Anomaly Con Advertising

I know I said this update would be about Ren Fest…but those photos are on my external, and I’m too lazy to go and get it. Soooooo without further ado, I present pics of my friends advertising for Anomaly Con 2012 in Downtown Denver.


3 thoughts on “Anomaly Con Advertising

  1. YOU…. Are one awesome person…. Just sayin. First of all, love ur pictures of like….everything!! Second of all love ur cosplaying! Woo! Go romantically apocalyptic! XD and 3rd of all your just Awesome. I am trying to cosplay engineer. I am haveing troubles finding a jacket thow… Damnit. XD the engineer cosplay you have in ur photos are.very nice. All of ur cosplays are! I tip my cosplay hat to u! XD I am still fairly new cosplayer. (No moneys to get cosplays) so I only got Allen walker and almost all of Steve burnside from resident evil. XD now im working on getting engineer together and hopefully later on ceil from kuroshitsuji. XD im deffinatly a man cosplayer! Lol. If you would like you can look at my deviant art. My user name is carnivorousplant. I would like to be friends. If thats ok. U dont have to if u dont want to. I dont have many pics of my cosplays and because Steve isnt quite finished yet I have not uploaded any pictures of that cosplay. Lol. hope u reply! Love ur stuffs!

    1. Hey thanks 🙂 I’m not actually in any of these photos…they’re all my ridiculously talented friend’s. I’m just the one behind the camera. Best of luck on your cosplays! I’m also on Deviant Art, but haven’t been active there in awhile. My handle there is Pendragon007.

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