Mini Shoots from Anomaly Con 2015 – Assassin’s Creed: Steam

DSC_0028 10688298_10204965612554726_7647343765452901971_o 10856773_10204965613514750_7734202361918691245_o 10956409_10204965606794582_5812969542389717238_o 11048643_10204965613074739_2554952187385442381_o 11075136_10204965593754256_1620182891412308408_n 11080470_10204965579073889_3767965316797510961_o 11088334_10204965547233093_4799758582705457624_n 11088816_10204965592594227_6050297017024496652_o

introducing Mr. Austin Moore to my lineup of models

gust starring Kaley (the menace) and Milano (damsel in distress)

shot outside the Hyatt at the Denver Tech Center on my Nikon D40

all edits by me

costumes by their respective wearers


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