Funky Little Number

had the privilege of seeing Here Come The Mummies for the second time a few months ago, and felt the need to jazz up the ol’ vest with a new addition…this one says FUNKY IN THE WEST in reference to their song Fenk Shui and the line “Funky to the East, Funky to the West”



amsterdam acrylic paint

GAC 900 fabric medium

Here Come the Mummies – part the second

this is HCTM’s “Hungry Anubis” hand signal for good luck – I added colors myself (original image is just black and white) and had previously tea and coffee dyed a bunch of canvas to look old and worn just to have on hand


Here Come the Mummies – part the first

recently, I’ve started to like this amazing band more and more – finally got to see them in concert and experience their antics…anywho, these were images on tee-shirts they had run out of my size in, so I turned them into patches (for personal use only, no profit being made from the things that are not mine)


Keaton Mask

finally got myself a styrofoam head the other day (his name is George) and got inspired to try to make one of my two favorite masks from the Legend of Zelda games – Keaton!

it’s definitely rough looking, but for my first ever mask, I think it turned out pretty cool!

(guest starring some other little projects of mine, and one of my paint shirts from work in the background – and my hands)


New Technique – White Rabbit

there was an image transfer how-to book at work, and during a slow moment one morning, I picked it up and started to page through. I knew about the gel transfer method and the xylene marker method already, but this book showed me how to do one using just acrylic paint and a xeroxed image.

here it is! my first acrylic paint transfer!

big mixed media projects, here I come…