BOT back patch – commission

thanks, Blake (@bnevilleart)! this was so fun to do and I’m excited to see this on your vest! thanks for trusting me with your logo!

thumbnail_IMG_20191115_190248544_HDR.jpg thumbnail_IMG_20191115_203057774_HDR.jpg


photo by @muddee.bee (instagram)


Sally – Nightmare Before Christmas

this one was a commissioned piece, and I think it came out rather well! the recipient was thrilled, which is the best outcome possible!

not sure why I felt the need to put a Moe’s Bagel sticker near the painting for the finished product photo, but there it is. they make killer bagels and are a must-eat stop if you find yourself in Boulder, CO


amsterdam acrylic

speedball glow in the dark fabric paint



A Horse is a Horse

painted this guy (or gal, I’m not picky) for my aunt and uncle who own a horse farm! this was my first foray into working with rounded canvases…such fun! I have ideas for some other work on round ones now!

this painting gave me anxiety because it went on a merry looped tour of their state because I addressed it incorrectly…hooboy.