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photography, paintings and wood burning from the Boulder Valley – content is copyrighted. Do not use or replicate without permission.


like everyone else my age, I’ve succumbed to the wonders and glory of Pokemon Go

I joined Team Instinct and wanted to show team pride!

hand drawn logo on raw canvas

speedball and jaquard screen printing paint

heat set


I’m going to do a Team Mystic for my cousin, and will happily do any Valor ones as well!!


my friend Donda is moving away in a few weeks (sniff) and I wanted to make a going away present. We saw a frame with this theme at Denver Comic Con last weekend, and I wanted to imitate it, since Donda had fallen in love with the original

Thrift Store Frame – sanded and weathered

Rivets – brass Brads with the legs broken off – weathered

Chain – 5′ of plastic chain from the hardware store – weathered + sealed

Blood Tube – 6′ of clear tubing from the hardware store – painted red + sealed

Bolts – random plumbing parts from the hardware store – weathered

Leather – scraps from my own supply

Twine – from one of my room mates – weathered + sealed



a sign for my aunt and uncle’s farm!

they took over this farm when the couple who used to own it passed away (my aunt and uncle had worked for them for a long looong time)

originally called THE HORSE FARM, they wanted to put their own little twist on it, so the TOO (as in also AND the second) was added

boards are solid oak that my dad had laying around – he also cut them all fancy

lenk woodburning tool

ages of procrastination…



these were a really fun experiment!!! gotta love spray bottles


the bigger one already has a potential buyer! I’m flattered

Winsor Newton Canvases – 18×18 and 20×26
FW Acrylic Ink + 70% Iso in a spray bottle


did this guy on a whim…gotta love Stitch

6×6 acrylic on canvas – $15 for this guy or any other character on a 6×6 (not human faces though…not really good at those. helmets are fine though)



my first successful gel transfer!!! I really want to do more of these, now that I finally have the hang of it!

image from Boulder Weekly

rock from a giant pile in the parking lot of my apartment complex

liquitex gloss gel



this piece will be on sale this weekend at Anomaly Con 2016! so excited!

woodburning on 6″x10″ ceder plank

lenk tool

King of the Hill on amazon


turns out, making props is really fun!

River Song’s sonic trowel

special thanks to my good buddy Donda for designing and 3D printing the trowel head! all the rest of the parts are auto and plumbing odds ‘n ends from the hardware store, and the handle came from a small mallet. handle stain and assemblage by me.

I will be awkwardly stumbling all over myself to ask Alex Kingston herself if she’ll sign the handle at Comic Con this year, and after it gets signed, I’ll be vanishing the handle so the signature will be permanent.




Rest in Peace, Mr. Alan Rickman

6×8 Cedar plank

FW Acrylic Ink

Lenk Woodburning tool

King of the Hill on Amazon


Han and Leia cameos

FW acrylic ink

Lenk Woodburning tool

6″x10″ cedar plan from Home Depot


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